How many have you heard available scholarship in Netherland? Many of you may come up with an idea for “A dozen”! To tell you the truth, Netherland, indeed, has dozens of available scholarships that you can try! The examples of the available scholarship in Netherland are including NFP (Netherland Fellowship Program). Below are some differences and similarities between NFP and other scholarship programs:

  1. NFP

This scholarship program provides the chances for every student who already have minimum 3 years f working experience. And the most important note is that the candidates must be nominated by the supervisor or the institution where the candidates work, in a hope that once they have finished with their study, they can contribute more to develop his/her working place. To apply in this post-graduates scholarship, the candidate does not need to have work experience. Both professional and fresh graduate have a similar opportunity to apply. However, each scholarship has its own requirements. For StuNed scholarship, the GPA of the candidate must be at the minimum 3.00 out of 4.00. Next, for the language proficiency, the candidate must have proven language proficiency test (at least 6.0 for IELTS or more than 80 for TOEFL IBT test). Thus, it is fundamentally important for any scholars to ensure that you have met every requirement needed to study there. It is also recommended to have the required information in detail and the available scholarship offerings.

  1. Holland Scholarship

If you are interested to continue your study in Holland, then, take Holland scholarship!  This scholarship also offers you with the first for the first-year of college (as much as 5.000 euro). This program is mainly for college students who come from the European Economic Area.

Those are all some brief explanation about two favorable scholarships in Netherland that you can try.


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